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Why your company should invest in personalised packaging

First impressions count; it is said it takes the average person 7 seconds to make up their mind based on a first impression. So, in reality, you have 7 seconds from when your packaging reaches its recipient to make your business stand out. But what impression can you make in 7 seconds?

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How to: 3 ways to tie your Ribbons

Struggle with your Ribbons? Want to learn a new technique? We have demonstrated 3 ways that you can tie a ribbon. Get a small box and Ribbon and give it a go! 

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Eco Friendly FAQ

With recycling becoming increasingly more popular, consumers are becoming increasingly finicky about the products they buy. They demand more environmental friendliness from the brands they buy from. That doesn’t solely affect the product itself, but also the packaging.

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What is Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a highly versatile product with many uses.

Whether you’re looking to stock up on it for your office or you want to purchase large quantities for other business applications, learning all you can about its properties and how best to use it will help you get the most from your supply.

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What’s the difference? MG Tissue Paper v’s MF Tissue paper explained.

Tissue paper, is a lightweight paper that can be made from recycled paper pulp on a paper machine. It is commonly used by retail stores, florists, garden centres, arts and craft stores and perfect for wrapping and packing items with our boutique bags or twist bags

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Packaging Trends in 2022

As we start to move towards the second half of the year, we take a look into some of the packaging trends we have witnessed so far and what we can expect to see throughout the remainder of the year.

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New Packaging Challenges in 2022

Over the last two years, supply chains have had to adjust to the shock of both Brexit and the repercussions of a global pandemic. Numerous national lockdowns made eCommerce shopping the norm, supply chains have struggled to meet demand and product delays and unavailability have become more common.

Adding a personal touch to your Packaging

We believe your packaging is just as important as the product inside it. So why not elevate your packaging with a personal touch using these lovely message tags! Just print them, cut them and pop them onto your bag of choice with a paperclip or a mini craft peg.

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Covid-19 sparks revolution in “kitchen table takeaway”

It’s been fantastic to see further lifting of lockdown restrictions in the UK over the last week. With scenes of pubs and restaurants opening their doors for indoor dining, as well as holiday makers jetting off to sunnier climes, it feels like we have taken a significant step towards pre-pandemic life.

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Print and Bespoke Showcase

Here are some of our bespoke and print packaging products that we had produced for our clients in the past year that we would love to show you all. If you weren’t aware of what we can do for a business like yours, this will definitely be an eye opener .

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New plastic packaging tax: is it enough?

Just a few days ago, on 1 April 2022, legislation came into force requiring all companies in the UK to pay a tax on the production or import of plastics for packaging where less that 30 percent is made from recycled materials.

E-commerce – How to create a unique and memorable unboxing experience

Running an e-commerce business means that you rarely ever get to engage with your customers physically. You can’t introduce your products to them in a store and there’s no way for your audience to sample your products before making a purchase.

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One word… E-Commerce

We have all heard the word E-Commerce, right? But what does it mean? This week we will be discussing how E-Commerce has changed the business world, and the benefits of starting an online business. E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, this refers to buying and selling products or services using the world wide web – The internet. Here are our top 5 benefits of e-commerce.

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10 Creative Printed Paper Bags

Are you looking for a fresh new pattern or design for your current paper bags? Or seeking inspiration to create a bag with your unique stamp? This week we look at creative printed paper bags designs. Paper bags are normally used for light goods or to carry groceries.

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Debate: Printed Cotton Bags or Jute Bags?

If you are considering eco-friendly printed bags for your business then this article will help you make a decision on the type of bag you should go for. In this week’s blog post we take a look at the advantages of both cotton bags and jute bags.

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Why do UK supermarkets use paper bags instead of plastic?

Are paper bags better than plastic bags?

In this weeks blog, we take a look into the reasons why supermarkets are favouring plastic over paper.

Here are some of the reasons we believe that are factored into the decision:

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Bitcoin for Carrier Bags

We’re proud to announce at, we now support Bitcoin as a payment method. Our IT department has made it possible for us to be the first packaging company in the UK to accept Bitcoin.

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10 Instagram Tips for your Business

Since it’s launch in 2010 Instagram has continually improved the functionality of it’s application and gone as far as innovating new formats of creative such as Reels.

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Building & Sharing a Company Vision

We asked the CEO of Carrier Bag Shop to share his thoughts on how to build and share a company vision……..

There are already plenty of articles, blog posts and books about the benefits of having a positive company culture and building it on a shared vision.

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DIY Easter Bunny Treat Jars

We wanted to share a quick and easy DIY craft project for you to either surprise your children with or to make with them. They would also make a great favour if your planning an Easter Egg Hunt Party!

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DIY Tissue Paper Confetti

We love a bit of DIY crafting, so this week we wanted to show you how to make your own tissue paper confetti and give you some ideas of what you can do with it! So let’s get started….

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6 Ideas for Ribbon Craft Projects

We love a good ribbon, so we thought we would share with you some great ways to use ribbon in some great crafting projects.

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