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        What is Kraft Paper?

        What is Kraft Paper?

        Kraft Paper

        Kraft paper is a highly versatile product with many uses.

        Whether you’re looking to stock up on it for your office or you want to purchase large quantities for other business applications, learning all you can about its properties and how best to use it will help you get the most from your supply.

        Let’s take a look at what makes up this unique material, what different types there are, and where you can buy kraft paper if you need more for your own personal or professional use.

        What is Kraft Paper?

        Kraft paper is an uncoated paper. Kraft paper is a general term for uncoated paper from trees. It is partially bleached wood pulp with high lignin content.

        The top layer of the paper is covered with a fibrous material, and the bottom layer is waterproof.

        Kraft paper is the most common paper in the world and used in almost all the industries for packaging and for other paper products.

        How is Kraft Paper Made

        Since Kraft paper is made from wood pulp, its production is quite environmentally friendly. It uses less water than other types of paper, and produces less waste than other paper types.

        While the raw materials for Kraft paper can be made from almost any kind of wood, the most common source is softwood. Softwood, like spruce or pine, is easy to turn into pulp. This is because the trees are young and their fibers are not very thick.

        The process of producing Kraft paper begins with chopping the softwood into small chips and grinding them into pulp. This pulp is then mixed with water and then heated. The heat and water cause the fibers of the wood pulp to separate and bond together. This produces a soft and wet substance, which is called paper slurry.

        The paper slurry is then poured through a screen, which is called a paper wire. This screen filters the paper slurry and separates the liquid from the fibers.

        The liquid flows out of the screen as rivers and the fiber is pressed and dried to produce Kraft paper.

        Uses of Kraft Paper

        Packaging is the most common use of Kraft paper. Its strength and durability make it suitable for shipping goods.

        The strength of Kraft paper makes it perfect for writing and drawing. Kraft paper is also used for food packaging to contain food items and prevent them from getting contaminated.

        But wait, that’s not all!

        Kraft paper is used to make bags. Its strength and durability are ideal for heavier items. You can also use kraft paper to make labels for various items like jars of food or bottles of liquids.

        Bottom line- Kraft paper is a product that will save you a dime simultaneously allowing you to be creative. Start your projects with the confidence that Kraft paper may take you to a different direction!

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