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        What’s the difference? MG Tissue Paper v’s MF Tissue paper explained.

        What’s the difference? MG Tissue Paper v’s MF Tissue paper explained.

        What is Tissue Paper?

        Tissue paper, is a lightweight paper that can be made from recycled paper pulp on a paper machine. It is commonly used by retail stores, florists, garden centres, arts and craft stores and perfect for wrapping and packing items with our boutique bags or twist bags. With that said, let’s take a deep dive into explaining the difference between the two types of tissue paper we stock.

        Firstly, lets explain the acronyms, MG stands for Machine Glazed and MF stands for Machine Finished. Also, its good to point out that all of our tissue paper is acid free. This means that it has been manufactured to have a neutral PH level and will protect items for longer when a product is packaged without releasing harmful toxins.

        MF or MG

        One of the key differences on the types of paper is the process and the machines the tissue paper is produced on.

        Machine finish tissue paper has a smooth finish at the time of manufacturing. The process uses a heavy metal cylinder called calendaring. It is considered to be a more premium quality tissue in terms of its finish and texture and is glazed and finished on both sides.

        Whereas, machine glazed tissue paper is produced on a smaller machine with a yankee cylinder. The cylinder glazes the surface on only one side. The paper in the first instance has no finishing, but it is then fried over a heated cylinder, to give a glossy finish to one side.

        Other Differences

        Other notable differences are that MF paper is 18gsm and is 100% dyed, giving it a more thicker feel when compared to the MG paper which has a thickness of 14gsm and is 100% pulp dyed.

        With that said, both of the tissue papers are 100% recyclable, degradable and compostable. We hope that’s helped to distinguish between the two papers.

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