Tissue Paper

Our Coloured Tissue Paper is great for wrapping up delicate items as well adding a stylish touch to your packaging. We supply a wide range of tissue paper sheets, available to buy in a multitude of colours and patterns. These are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your gift bags, boxes and hamper baskets.

Tissue Paper 

Are you looking for ways to enhance your product packaging while still staying green?

If so, then you might want to consider using tissue paper. Tissue paper comes in a range of different colours to create a more interesting experience for customers unpacking your products. Vibrant, beautiful and even elegant, tissue paper has been used to dress up products for years. But does it match the eco-friendly standards of your company?

Tissue paper is usually made from either recycled materials or wood fibres. Due to being created from recyclable products and sources that are completely sustainable, tissue paper is biodegradable. Even the dye used to create the beautiful colours of tissue paper that you see at Carrier Bag Shop is acid-free and water based.

Customers often love tissue paper. They won’t throw it away once opening your product. Instead, they might keep it and use it to wrap their own item such as a birthday present or festive gift.

Of course, if they do decide to throw the paper away it is also completely recyclable. This means that the materials can be used again and again.

It’s Even Compostable

This is due to the paper design of the product. As long as you choose tissue paper that is free from plastic or glitter, then it is also completely compostable. It’s actually great for a compost pile because it soaks up water and doesn’t develop a foul stench. It really is one of the greenest options for packaging that you can select for your business.

If you’re interested in opting for this eco-friendly packaging for your business, make sure you check out our full selection. We have tissue paper in various colours and shades so you’re certain to find a type that will match your product and keep packaging eco-friendly.

Additional Benefits

Aside from being eco-friendly and beautiful, tissue paper does have a number of other benefits when used for products. First, it can be decorative, bringing a product to life and ensuring that it has a stunning aesthetic, even when wrapped up.

Secondly, tissue paper is light. This means that you can protect your products without driving up delivery costs for items that are going to be weighed. This is also going to be a huge benefit to your customers. At the same time, tissue paper can be packaged in a compact manner to protect a package or item that is being delivered or transported.

Tissue paper is also a budget-friendly option for packaging but is actually associated with high quality, deluxe products. As such, you get the best of both worlds by choosing tissue paper.