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        Eco Friendly Packaging

        Here are some of the best choices currently available on the market that provide the green solution you need. We have a range of eco-friendly products from carrier bags to cardboard boxes to kraft rolls which are perfect for inspiring an eco-conscious community.

        Are you looking for the right eco-friendly packaging UK consumers want from your business?

        Jute bags have become very popular as of late. This is an eco-friendly option for a number of reasons starting with the production process. Jute bags are made from plants that grow within just months of being harvested and are found in tropical climates. As such, the production helps local communities and ensures that economies gain the boost they need.

        Aside from the production process, this product is completely biodegradable and will break down in just under two years. It’s even suitable for composting and the big benefits don’t stop there. Jute bags are also known as bags for life and it’s not hard to understand why. The material is tough enough to be used time and time again without the issue of rips or breakages. It provides a fantastic choice to customers because of the high level of value provided even from a single bag.

        Eco-friendly Paper Bags

        This is another eco-friendly option that you can explore for your business. Similar to jute, these bags do break down and they are also completely recyclable. As such, neither you nor your consumers need to worry about them filling up the landfills. Despite being made from paper these bags are tough and can be used multiple times before they need to be replaced. Since they can be repurposed, they remain eco-friendly long after the initial use.

        Paper bags send a clear message to your customers that you are opting for a eco-friendly choice in your company. These bags are closely linked to the idea of a trustworthy company doing its part to save the planet and is often considered a socially responsible choice.

        With these choices, you can remain eco-conscious in your business while providing great eco-packaging, UK customers will love.
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