Printed Tissue Paper


We offer a printing service on all of our tissue paper including MF and MG tissue papers. We can print on the whole sheet, or across any part of it, which ever you like, it's totally flexible and totally bespoke. Makes gifts more special, especially when used with printed ribbon and printed boxes.

Unveil the charm of Printed Tissue Paper, a customisable tissue that elevates your gifting and packaging to new heights. With the option to adorn either MF or MG tissue papers, the possibilities are endless. Let us showcase the benefits of embracing printed tissue paper and how it transforms your gifts into cherished mementoes.

Printed Tissue Paper offers a unique opportunity to add a personal touch to your packaging. With the ability to print on the whole sheet or any part of it, this option is fully flexible and entirely bespoke. Whether it's a logo, a special message, or an intricate design, our printing capabilities allow you to craft tissue paper that reflects your brand or resonates with your recipient.

The advantages of having printed tissue paper extend beyond aesthetics. When paired with printed ribbons and printed boxes, it creates an enchanting ensemble that encapsulates the essence of thoughtfulness and care. As the finishing touch to your gift, it enhances the unboxing experience, setting the stage for a moment of delight and surprise.

Our printed tissue paper is available in two varieties: 17gsm Acid-Free MF and 22gsm / 30gsm Acid-Free MG. The MF tissue, with its 17gsm thickness, boasts remarkable strength while remaining acid-free, ensuring your precious items are protected with utmost care. On the other hand, the MG tissue, available in 22gsm and 30gsm options, provides a machine-glazed finish for a subtle sheen that exudes elegance.

For printing, we offer the versatility of 1 or 2 colours, allowing you to choose the level of intricacy and detail that suits your vision. From minimalistic sophistication to vibrant exuberance, the design possibilities are limitless, catering to both professional and personal applications.

Embrace sustainability with our eco-conscious tissue paper, 100% bio-degradable and designed to minimise its environmental impact. Knowing that your packaging choices align with responsible practices brings a sense of fulfilment and responsibility towards a greener tomorrow.

The sizing options of 500mm x 700mm (Approx) cater to various gift sizes, ensuring that each sheet is as functional as it is beautiful. Packed in reams for convenient usage, our printed tissue paper is ready to uplift your packaging experience.

In summary, Printed Tissue Paper opens a world of creativity and sentimentality, enhancing your gifts and products with its personalised touch. Whether you choose the MF or MG variant, the results are equally remarkable, reflecting the finest quality and eco-consciousness.