Standard Acid Free MG Tissue Paper


With our new selection of Machine Glazed (M.G.) Acid-free Tissue Paper, we have something for everyone; available in vibrant and diverse colours and in different dimensions and pack sizes. We are sure you wont find better value elsewhere. Ideal for wrapping up delicate clothing, jewellery and other precious gifts.

Discover the versatile charm of Standard Acid-Free MG Tissue Paper – a fantastic option within our exclusive branded range of packaging products. Crafted from a robust 14gsm paper, and adorned in a stunning range of colours, using water-based dyes for an eco-friendly touch. Our high-quality acid-free machine-glazed tissue is fully recyclable.

Delicate yet robust it creates an enchanting wrapping experience. The 14gsm thickness ensures the tissue remains durable and reliable, safeguarding the contents with utmost care. Wrapped in sturdy kraft paper for transport and protection of your sheets.

The applications of our MG tissue paper are boundless, making it an indispensable companion for countless occasions. Whether you're dressing up clothing items, accentuating gift presentations, or adding a touch of elegance to floral arrangements, this tissue paper delivers an exceptional touch. Beyond that, it has become a sought-after choice for weddings, parties, and various events, imparting an air of sophistication to every celebration.

Our acid-free MG tissue paper makes a profound commitment to the environment. Designed to be both 100% degradable and compostable, it ensures your thoughtful choices align with sustainability principles.
Each ream of this tissue paper contains approximately 480 sheets, each bearing the dimensions of width x length (cm). The machine-glazed finish adds a subtle shine, elevating your gift-wrapping efforts. Furthermore, the pulp dyeing process guarantees colour fastness and consistency throughout.

Despite its many virtues, we must regrettably mention that this tissue is not food-grade. However, its exceptional qualities make it an unparalleled option for all non-edible applications.

In conclusion, our Standard Acid-Free MG Tissue Paper stands out as an exquisite choice within the world of packaging materials. This tissue offers a touch of luxury while remaining committed to eco-friendliness due to its delicate nature. Choose excellence, choose sustainability, and let our MG tissue paper redefine your packaging endeavours with its unparalleled charm.