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        Packaging Trends in 2022

        Packaging Trends in 2022

        As we start to move towards the second half of the year, we take a look into some of the packaging trends we have witnessed so far and what we can expect to see throughout the remainder of the year.

        1. Sustainable Packaging.

        With the ever increasing awareness of the environmental issues the world is facing, companies continue to look for alternative eco-friendly packaging options. We have witnessed an increasing trend of companies opting to use packaging that is recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. This is in line with customers on the receiving end, placing more importance on choosing companies that are actively showing how they are playing their part in sustainability. This is something we expect to see continuing for not only the remainder of the year but also into future years.

        2. Minimalist Packaging & Designs.

        Secondly, another trend we continue to see is that of minimalist packaging, not only in the concept of reducing less waste in packaging but also in the design. The phrase “less is more” has become more apparent in designs. Simplistic, clean packaging is here to stay.

        3. Typography Design.

        Step aside photography and illustrations, standout typefaces are becoming a growing trend for packaging designs this year. Making the font a piece of art is a trend we think will be sticking around this year.

        4. Vintage Design.

        Vintage packaging is still making a comeback, evoking nostalgia to its customers with vintage colours and typography.

        The designs are eye-catching and appealing to customers, giving a throwback to the “good old days”.

        5. Interior Packaging Designs.

        Minimalist on the outside, bold on the inside. More companies are opting to make an impact on the interior of their packaging, giving a wow factor. We think this is a great way to enhance the customer experience when they open up their orders!

        We hope that has inspired you with your own packaging designs. If your looking to create your own bespoke packaging, get in contact with our print team to see what we can do for you.


        We look forward to sharing more packaging design trends with you in the future.

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