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        DIY Easter Bunny Treat Jars

        DIY Easter Bunny Treat Jars

        Easy Treat Jars

        With Easter fast approaching us, we wanted to share a quick and easy DIY craft project for you to either surprise your children with or to make with them. They would also make a great favour if your planning an Easter Egg Hunt Party!

        What will I need?

        • - Scissors

        • - Empty Jars

        • - Chocolate mini eggs

        • - Small chocolate Bunny Rabbits or Easter Chicks


        1. Lay out your green tissue paper and cut thin strips, then cut the strips into smaller pieces and scrunch up. You want the strips to resemble grass!
        2. Place the green tissue paper at the base of your empty jar.
        3. Next add your larger chocolate centre piece to the middle of the grass layer.
        4. Surround the centre piece with chocolate mini eggs.
        5. Add the lid back onto the jar.
        6. Cut a large piece of cellophane and place the jar into the centre.
        7. Bring up the corners of the cellophane and scrunch the cellophane into the centre of the jar lid.
        8. Secure with a pretty ribbon.
        9. Hey presto….your done!!!

        Have an Eggcellent Easter!

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