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        Brown Paper Bags


        Brown Paper Bags

        Brown Paper Bags are a common part of our daily routine. We use them to carry groceries, carry our purchases, and sometimes even pack our kids' lunches.

        Businesses often use them as promotional material and a way to get their brand right into their customer's hands.

        Even Trick-or-treaters sometimes use them as makeshift masks for Halloween. Simple to overlook that these were once an invention of someone in the past!

        The brown paper bag has changed a lot since the 1800s. Francis Wolle made the first machine to make a lot of them at once. This made them popular for small items and we still use them today.

        Why do people use a brown paper bag?

        Over time, Brown Paper Bags with Handles have become a symbol of retail. Whether you look at your local grocer or your favourite takeaway restaurant, you can bet their using these bags.

        Eco friendly bags made from brown kraft are nowadays available in an wide variety of sizes. Often featuring a neat twist handle for comfort while holding goods.

        Why choose wholesale brown kraft paper bags?

        Eco-friendly: These bags are made from recyclable paper, offering an environmentally conscious choice for your packaging.

        Strong and Durable: They can carry heavy loads without tearing. They are perfect for groceries or retail items. This is because of their sturdy construction.

        Custom designs: Add a personal touch with custom branding options.

        One bag to rule them all: From carrying groceries to packing lunches, Brown Paper Bags have many uses for businesses and consumers.

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