Twisted Handle Paper Bottle Bags


Typically, these bags are substantially taller than the wine bottles they contain, minimising the chance that the wine bottle will spill out during transit. Our wine bottle bags include high-strength twisted handles, which make them a highly reliable option!

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The Uses Of Wine Bottle Carriers

The primary function of wine bottle carriers is, not surprisingly, to enable your customers to carry bottles of wine. However, the uses of wine bottle carriers arguably go well beyond this.

Modern customers want you to provide them with wine bottles that are not only great for carrying wine but friendly to the environment too. Carrier Bag Shop supplies fully biodegradable wine bottle bags.

Today’s wine connoisseurs are concerned about the environment and do not want their wine consumption to hurt it. By offering them paper wine bottle bags, you can give them the best of both worlds: a sturdy carrier with zero environmental impact.

The flat bottom of wine bottle bags also allows customers to stand wine bottle bags upright once they put them down. Standing the bag upright prevents the wine bottle from spilling or rolling out.

We supply wine bottle bags manufactured in Italy. You can find wine bottle bags in a variety of colours, allowing you to tailor the type of bag you use for your brand. Different colours give your customers options - especially important if they plan on giving a bottle of wine away as a gift.