Patterned Counter Bags


One of the cornerstones of UK retail stores, the classic paper counter bag! We've added our own Carrier Bag Shop twist with a unique range of Coloured Candy Stripe Bags, Variety Paper Bags and Block Bottom Grocery Bags.

Discover our captivating range of Patterned Counter Bags, specially crafted to cater to the discerning needs of businesses seeking an edge in their packaging solutions. Each style exudes its own distinct charm and functionality, making them versatile and ideal for wedding favours, parties, corporate events, gift packaging and much more.

Polka Dots Paper Bags

Make a colourful impact with our Polka Dots Paper Bags, available in 12 vibrant shades. Printed all over with playful polka dot designs using water-based inks, these bags evoke a sense of joy and charm. Manufactured from 35gsm Kraft Paper and 100% recyclable, degradable, and compostable, they exemplify our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Candy Stripe Paper Bags

Brighten up your counter display with our Coloured Candy Stripe Paper Bags. Available in 10 delightful colours and crafted from strong 35gsm Kraft Paper, these bags combine durability with a visually appealing candy stripe design. Rest assured, they are 100% recyclable, degradable, and compostable, making them an excellent eco-friendly option.

Union Jack Counter Paper Bags

Add a touch of national pride to your packaging with our Union Jack Counter Paper Bags. Printed all over with a bold and decorative Union Jack design, these bags make a patriotic statement. Crafted from strong 36gsm white Kraft Paper, they ensure durability while remaining 100% recyclable, degradable, and compostable, aligning perfectly with your eco-conscious values.

Gold Star Premium Paper Counter Bags

For a touch of elegance, these bags are the perfect choice. Adorned with gold star prints on white Kraft Paper, these bags exude sophistication and luxury. With their impeccable European manufacturing and water-based inks, they embrace eco-consciousness while adding a touch of class to your business packaging.

With their charming designs, eco-friendly features, and superior quality, Patterned Counter Bags not only showcase your attention to detail but also reflect your commitment to sustainability. Invest in these bags and let your packaging make a statement for your business.