Paper Counter Bags

One of the cornerstones of UK retail stores, the classic paper counter bag! We've added our own Carrier Bag Shop twist with a unique range of Coloured Candy Stripe Bags, Variety Paper Bags and Block Bottom Grocery Bags.

Paper Counter Bags are versatile bags specifically designed for use on counters, allowing customers to access and carry their purchases easily. Made from sturdy paper, our Paper Counter Bags are available in different sizes and colours to cater to your specific needs. Whether you run a bakery, gift shop, or any retail establishment, these bags are an excellent choice for displaying and packaging a wide range of items.

Moving on to Pick 'n' Mix Paper Bags, these bags are perfect for indulging your customers in the delightful experience of selecting their assortment of candies or other small treats. The compact size and strength of these bags ensure that the contents remain secure and intact during transportation. Ideal for sweet shops, cinemas, or any establishment offering a pick 'n' mix selection, these bags are designed to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Block Bottom Paper Bags feature a reinforced square bottom, providing extra stability for carrying heavier items. Their large capacity makes them suitable for grocery stores, boutiques, and takeaway establishments. Available in various sizes, these bags accommodate a wide range of products while maintaining their structural integrity.

Our Brown and White Paper Bags offer a classic and timeless packaging solution suitable for various purposes. Whether you require a natural, eco-friendly look with our brown paper bags or a clean and crisp appearance with our white paper bags, these versatile options cater to your aesthetic preferences. Perfect for retail stores, restaurants, and events, they provide a practical and environmentally conscious choice.

Lastly, our Union Jack Design Kraft Paper Bags combine patriotic flair with functionality. Featuring the iconic Union Jack design, these bags are ideal for businesses looking to celebrate British heritage or cater to customers with a fondness for all things British. Their eye-catching design makes them popular for souvenir shops, events, and promotions.