Jute Bags

We are a leading supplier of Jute Bags in the UK. A Jute Bag is a great alternative to plastic bags or paper bags which can be printed as well. They are also known as 'Bag for Life' shopping bags. Printed Jute Bags are a great way to advertise your brand especially for promotional events.

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Jute Bags 

Our stock range includes small and large jute bags and are the perfect accessory as a shopping bag for life. If you are looking for quality jute bags in the UK then look no further than Carrier Bag Shop.

We stock Jute Bags in an extensive range featuring Bottle bags as well as high quality Jute bags in many great designs. They are also available in a variety of colours and are great as an eco friendly alternative for the conscious shopper.

If you require jute tote bags wholesale please give us a call on 020-3002-9960 or simply fill out our Wholesale Jute Bags enquiry form.

If you are looking for a new eco-friendly bag option for your business, you might want to consider jute bags. Jute bags provide a brilliant choice for companies and real value to consumers. Why is this?

Well, first, there’s the strength and durability of these bags. Due to being made from strong materials, the bags can be suitable for carrying heavy items. When used for heavy items these bags won’t break or tear. As well as this, wholesale jute bags can last for years which is why they are also known as bags for life. But you might still be wondering whether these jute bags are truly eco-friendly?

Are Jute Bags Eco-Friendly?

To understand whether jute shopping bags are eco-friendly, you need to know more about the product. Jute is a fibrous tall plant. The jute is the fibres harvested from the stem and skin. It’s often called golden fibre which is then spun into threads or a fabric known as burlap. Jute is durable because of the composition. It doesn’t require fertiliser or even much water to grow.

There are multiple reasons why it’s an eco-friendly option aside from its durability. The product is biodegradable and will fully degrade in just one or two years. It’s even compostable and it can be used to fertilise farmland.

Jute can also be harvested in tropical climates without the use of heavy industrial equipment. As such, even the production process provides green benefits. As well as this, jute grows incredibly quickly in just four to six months. Due to this, it can be considered as a renewable material.

Jute is actually more sustainable than cotton and can provide community benefits too. Communities that harvest this product are able to profit from it and it does contribute to economic development in third world countries. As such, jute is certainly an eco-friendly product and many experts even believe it could hold the answer to the problem of deforestation. For now, though, jute is most commonly seen in the classic golden, bags for life.

Why Are They On Trend Today?

The main reason why jute bags are on trend is due to the fact that this is a product which is eco-friendly. Over the last few years, consumers have been more focused and concerned with being eco-friendly, staying green and lowering their carbon footprint. Being green has even become stylish and Jute bags are part of this trend. It helps that they are a socially responsible option providing more for less to customers.

Are you interested in joining the trend for your business? If so, you might want to consider exploring our range of jute bags. We have options for every type of retail store and company.