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        Kraft Paper Rolls

        We take pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality kraft rolls, including kraft paper rolls, coloured kraft paper roll, and brown kraft paper rolls. With their durability, recyclability, and natural charm, these kraft paper rolls are a must-have for any packaging or crafting enthusiast.

        What is kraft paper?

        Kraft paper is a type of paper that is produced from the chemical pulp of softwood trees. It is known for its strength and durability, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Kraft paper is typically brown in colour and has a rough texture due to the ribbed pattern formed during its production process. It is commonly used for packaging, wrapping, and other industrial purposes.

        Coloured kraft paper

        This is a variation of kraft paper that comes in various colours. It is made by adding pigments or dyes to the original brown kraft paper. The coloured versions retain the same properties as regular kraft paper but offer a more visually appealing and vibrant look.

        Here are the features and uses of coloured kraft paper:

        1. Made from quality 50gsm brown ribbed kraft paper:

        • The coloured kraft paper is manufactured using high-quality brown ribbed kraft paper with a weight of 50 grams per square meter (gsm).
        • The ribbed texture adds to the paper's strength and durability.

        2. Ideal for wrapping parcels, gifts, and odd-shaped items:

        • Coloured kraft paper is well-suited for wrapping parcels, as it provides a sturdy and protective covering.
        • It is also commonly used for wrapping gifts, adding a touch of colour and style to the packaging. You can add a touch of elegance to the gift with one of our Double Satin Ribbons.
        3. Eco-friendly - Coloured kraft paper is 100% recyclable and degradable.

        • Recycling helps reduce the demand for new paper production, conserving natural resources.
        • Being biodegradable means that the kraft paper will naturally break down over time, minimising its impact on the environment.

        The Imitation Brown Kraft Rolls

        These rolls are available in small or large. They are made from strong 88gsm imitation kraft paper, which is a more cost-effective alternative to pure kraft paper.

        The imitation kraft paper is manufactured from recycled pulp, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

        It offers the same recyclability as regular kraft paper, ensuring easy disposal.

        These rolls are ideal for wrapping parcels and odd-shaped items, providing a reliable and economical packaging solution.
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