Plastic Carrier Bags

Our plastic carrier bags come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Bags with punched out handles, vest style handles, and loop handles are available, and look great when printed with a company name or slogan.

Plastic Carrier Bags - Your guide to choosing the right carrier bags!

We carry a number of different styles of Plastic Carrier Bags that are all suitable for a wide range of different uses. The main differences are in the style of handles, thickness of plastic and the colours that they come in. The three types of handles that we carry in stock are Punched Out Handles, Vest Style Handles, and Loop Handles.

Vest Style Plastic Carrier Bags

These are one of the cheapest plastic carrier bags that we sell – but yet they are still very strong and durable. These bags are the type of bags that you’ll commonly see in grocery and convenience stores and are often used by market traders. The bags are available in both recycled plastic and a strong premium white plastic.

The plastic bags get their name from the way they resemble a vest when laid flat. They have larger side gussets than the other plastic bags that we sell, if you need something larger then these are the bags to consider.

Classic Plastic Carrier Bags

These are the most popular plastic bags that we sell – and are available in 12 great colours: white, clear, frosted, royal blue, navy blue, black, red, pink, harrods green, light green, purple and silver. These bags are commonly used by fashion stores and upmarket retailers that don’t want to use paper bags.

The plastic carrier bags come in 4 great sizes – click into any product to learn more. The white and clear bags are the cheapest and offer great value for money. If you’re looking for something to match your logo or brand then maybe one of the coloured bags is for you!