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        Careers - Warehouse Supervisor

        Careers - Warehouse Supervisor


        Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor

        Department: Warehouse

        Reporting to: Warehouse Manager

        Working hrs: 08:00 – 16:30

        Salary: £23,000-26,000


        The Warehouse Supervisor’s main objective is to oversee and coordinate with the daily warehousing activities. You will implement production, productivity, quality and customer service standards and alongside achieving the required level of volume with the allocated time limits.

        Ultimately, you should be able to ensure that daily operations meet and exceed performance expectations and facilitate the companies increase in the overall market share. In addition, the post holder must be ready to step in at a moment’s notice when the Warehouse manager is unavailable to run the department. The Warehouse Supervisor reports to the Warehouse Manager in the first instance and works in close conjunction with and supporting the Warehouse operations.


        · Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, identifying, dispatching and assuring quality of the goods.

        · To liaise with and update the Warehouse Manager daily about day’s work, effectiveness of warehousing activities and employee’s performance and highlight any issues that may arise as required.

        · To supervise the preparation of customer orders for picking, packing, and dispatch in order of priority/Courier and Freight and to ensure shipment and inventory accuracy

        · Maintain item records, document any necessary information and utilize reports to project warehouse status and assist with providing Senior management with status on a daily/monthly basis.

        · Organise and maintain inventory and storage area, ensuring routine stock checks are accomplished on a weekly basis

        · Ensure all shipments are carried out with accuracy and precision and identify areas of improvement and establish innovative or adjust existing work procedures and practices

        · All warehousing pick data and manifests are provided to the warehouse manager and information is transmitted to the corresponding report

        · To perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Warehouse Manager where necessary.


        · Support and engage in programs, projects and practices behind the company’s culture and strategy, and comply with all policies and procedures.

        · To ensure all tasks are produced to a high standard and are completed on time.

        · Undertake any training relevant to the efficient execution of any of the above duties, and to take responsibility for his/her own professional development.

        · To undertake necessary Health & Safety responsibilities and duties as required by this post.

        · To undertake any necessary Data Protection responsibilities and duties as required by the post.

        · To follow and maintain systems as laid down by line management.

        · To undertake any other tasks as deemed necessary by the Company when required.



        · Proven work experience as a warehouse supervisor with a minimum of 5 years’ experience

        · Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

        · Knowledge of warehouse software packages and MS office proficiency

        · Proven ability to direct and coordinate operations of a warehouse.

        · Strong organisational and time management skills and experience in a warehouse office

        · Solid understanding of health and safety regulations

        · Hands on commitment to getting the job done

        · Counter Balance Forklift Operation Certification


        · Certificate/Diploma in Warehouse Supervisory Management and Storage

        · Reach Forklift Operation Certification

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