Other questions

3.1 What format do you need my artwork in?

In an ideal world, we require “print ready” artwork. This type of files that are OK to use are:

  • an original EPS file
  • Adobe Illustrator file
  • Vector PDF file
  • We will need your fonts to be “outlined”.

We also understand that sometimes getting the artwork right is difficult, especially if you’re not a graphic designer! That’s where we can help. Our in house design team can inspect your files to ensure that the print will be reproduced accurately. We care about your brand, we want it to be printed right.

3.2 I want to get a repeat order of my bags, what do I need to do?

If you have had bags printed with us before, it couldn’t be easier!

We will have all your details on file with the original proofs, artwork and your printing plates (unless a printing screen was used for printing our Cotton, Jute or Stock laminated bags). Prices may have changed since your original order so please call us on 020 3002 9960 in order to get an accurate quote. If your artwork has not changed then we can just send out the paperwork for you to sign and return and wait for delivery. If you have decided to change your artwork, we will need to have your new artwork in order to provide you with a new proof.

3.3 How can I pay for my printed bags?

Once you have approved the proof and are happy to progress with the order, we will send you some paperwork to sign and return and request payment.

Payment can be made by BACS transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card or Cheque.

Please note that Credit Cards will incur a 2% handling fee and funds will need to be cleared before we can complete the order for you.

3.4 I’ve heard the phrase “overprint” – what does it mean?

Simply put, overprinting is the process for printing on stock bags. For short print runs, it can often be cost effective to flexo or screen print onto bags that have already been made up as the manufacturing overhead is a lot lower.

There are a number of restrictions with overprinting, primarily to do with the number of colours that you can print, the complexity of the design and the areas of the bag that can be printed onto.

There are also a number of advantages of overprinting. The minimum runs are low, and turn-around times can be truly remarkable.

Our bespoke packaging consultants can help you decide what the best solution would be.

3.5 I’ve also heard the phrase “automatic print” – what’s that?

An ‘Automatic’ print is normally a phrase that is used when printing and bag manufacture is done one process.

The print quality is usually better as the equipment used is better quality. The finer detail can be printed as opposed to overprinting which has limitations. It is also a lot more cost effective on longer print runs so the prices are much more competitive.

The minimum print runs for automatic printed bags are higher than bags that have been overprinted and the lead time is longer. One or more solid colours or full colour process designs can be printed with the automatic process.

If you have any further questions then please contact our bespoke packaging consultants who will be more than happy to help.