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Find A Cost Effective Way To Package Your Products
With many eco-friendly alternatives to the plastic bag emerging, you might think that by purchasing a canvas tote, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. But actually, a canvas bag’s carbon footprint is almost 600 pounds of CO2, compared to only 3.5 pounds for a standard plastic bag. Canvas takes more energy to produce, has a larger carbon footprint, and is less cost-effective per bag than its plastic counterpart.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Printed Plastic Bags
Studies show that the idea of canvas tote or paper bags being more eco-friendly than printed plastic bags could be a myth. Instead, using whichever bags you own as much as possible is the best way to protect the environment. This angle makes plastic the winner in terms of carbon footprint, as durability means you can use a plastic bag for longer, whereas other bags may fall apart more quickly. You can also fit more into a bag, meaning that you’re using fewer bags overall to carry or store items.

Save Money On Production
As cotton tote bags can be more energy-intensive to produce, the costs for producing these are often higher. The reduced durability of canvas versus plastic also means you’ll need to buy more bags to meet your needs compared to plastic bags. The same also goes for paper bags, which are traditionally less long-lasting than their plastic counterparts. Purchasing printed plastic bags means that you’ll get a better value for money on production and a higher number of bags that will last you for longer.

Better Quality Printing With Plastics
Plastics have the added benefits of being tough and flexible, which is why printing onto plastics may be a better value for money than printing on paper. Plastic bags also endure bad weather far better than paper or even canvas counterparts, meaning people are going to be using a bag with your branding on it for far longer. Carrier Bag Shop works with both degradable and biodegradable plastics, and prints sustainably to ensure that all printed plastic bags remain a sustainable alternative to paper and canvas.

Plastics Are Both Pretty And Practical
Plastics often get a bad reputation as being less fashionable than paper or canvas alternatives. However, at Carrier Bag Shop, we print for a wide range of companies, including bespoke designs for boutique companies like Bravissimo. For the benefit of a cost-effective option, you can still have printed plastic bags that represent your brand in a stylish and sophisticated way. All while having a durable, practical product that your clients can use for longer.

Carrier Bag Shop: Cost Effective Product Packaging
At Carrier Bag Shop, we’re here to provide cost effective product packaging solutions for your printed plastic bags. With either vest or punched out handles, you’ll have a durable product that your customers can repeatedly use, reducing their carbon footprint as a bonus. We also deliver items on average five times faster than international suppliers. Need your order urgently? We can deliver in seven days with our express option. Choose a time-effective and cost-effective solution today.

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