Printed Internal Flat Handle Paper Carrier Bags

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A low cost alternative to our twist handle carriers, made popular by stores like Primark Good quality and low cost

If you have any specific questions or would like some more advice then please do not hesitate to get in touch with someone from our team on 020-3002-9960

Lead Times:
Overprinted = 3 weeks, with an Express Service available
Automatic = 6 weeks lead time

Ideal For:
Cafes, bakeries, cake manufacturers, any products that have a wide base

Minimum Order Quantity: 
Overprinting = 300 bags
Automatic = 5000 bags

Short runs can be printed onto our stock, please see the websitefor our current collection to check which colours are available.

Automatic - We can flood printing when printing large runs. Just send usyour pantone number (check with salesman for the correct type) and we will tryand match this colour.
Pure Kraft & Bleached kraft paper - 90 - 120GSM coated paper 120gsm

Printing Methods & Capabilities: 
Flexo Overprint 2 colours max
Flexographic (flexo) printing is a form of printing thatuses a flexible printing plate to transfer the ink onto the substrate beingprinted. It is used for printing on many different types of substrate includingplastic, metallic films, cellophane and paper. The printing capability is lowerthan lithographic printing, typically achieving only 40DPI on the most basicprinters, rising to 120dpi on the most advanced. We use 2 types of flexoprinting press, a stack printer and central impression (CI) printing press.

Allows printing onto pre-fabricated items so is perfect forshort print runs. It can be 1 or 2 colours in line. A conveyer belt takes theitem runs it through the print rollers. The item is then deposited into a trayfor packing. The best print results are on flat surfaces so the print areaavailable is limited by the construction of the bag. Also due to theuncontrolled nature of the printing, registration cannot be guaranteed. Themaximum tone available is 40DPI and reverse out printing is not recommended.

Flexo CI 6 colours max
Central Impression Press
A type of printing press used in multi-colour flexography inwhich a single large-diameter common impression cylinder supports the substrateas it contacts a series of adjacent plate cylinders, which lay down successivecolours. Central impression presses can have anywhere from two to eightprinting units, with six being the most common. The advantage of thisconfiguration is that you can print at a much faster rate than a stack presswhile maintaining much tighter registration and a higher DPI. Unfortunatelythey take longer to set up and so are not used on short runs.

Our Packaging Consultants will be able to give you reliable advice about the replication of your logo to ensure that we never compromise in quality

Origin Source: 
We source are goods from multiple locations including the UK, Europe, Indian sub-continent and the Far East.

Sizing Options:
We can overprint to our stock range of carriers, please check website For more bespoke sizing please check with sales person

Eco Options / Credentials: 
Made from FSC paper that is fully biodegradable Recycled Kraft paper available on larger runs

Finishing Options:
Coloured tape handles, 100% matt varnish