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        First Impressions Count

        Packaging is often the first impression people get of the quality of your business, especially if you are primarily an e-commerce site. Think back to the last thing you purchased online or that came in packaging. What impression did it give you? When it comes to retail, branding, and elevating your small business, you need to ensure you are thorough and consistent, and part of your branding should include personalised packaging.

        The Experience

        The unboxing experience has become a popular expectation in recent years, and the packaging of items takes front and centre stage. For this reason and to capitalise on the unboxing trend, your packaging needs to be impactful and easily connected to your company.

        The more memorable and impactful your branding, the better it will be for your marketing. You need something eye-catching that will set you apart and entice customers to pick up your product over your competitors. While generic packaging may seem cheaper, the impact custom and personalised packaging can have will be worth the investment.

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