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        Can I supply a purchase order or pay on invoice?

        Can I supply a purchase order or pay on invoice?

        We are happy to take a purchase order from you, but unfortunately only if you are from a school, college, university or government organisations.

        You can either fax us on 08712 300 981 or email us on

        On the Purchase order we need the following details:

        -    Name of your company / establishment
        -    Your Billing address with phone number
        -    Delivery Address with phone number
        -    The products you want
        -    Your VAT registration number
        -    Your company registration number
        -    Your Contact name, phone number and email
        -    Total price with VAT and Delivery

        Don’t worry if there is anything wrong or if you are unsure about the details we need, you can always give us a call if you have any questions.

        All of our orders are paid by pro forma. Whether you are ordering our stock bags online or printed bags. There are a few instances where we don’t require a pro forma payment. These are if:

        You are a school, college, university or Government Organisation
        You have a pre approved credit account with us

        We do require payment on our printed bags before we send them to print.

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