CBS stories - Discover how a small business used plain paper bags to create wonderful wedding invites [Case Study]

Is it possible to increase your business's exposure using plain paper bags?

The good news is Yes!

Take a look at a real-life example of how a business has transformed plain paper bags into wonderful wedding invites for their customers.


How transforming your plain paper bags can make your business stand out

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life and one you will always remember.  One of the most important parts of your wedding is to celebrate the occasion with those who matter, both friends and family alike. One way to ensure you gather all those close to you is to make sure you send out the invites ahead of time.

Using plain paper bags to help brand your business can offer a great opportunity to attract more customers.

The step-by-step method to how Sunrise cards transformed their plain paper bags into something magical

Step 1 

Tracey at Sunrise cards offers bespoke handmade cards and modern wedding stationary. She identifies the need to create invitation designs that will help her clients stand out.

-Find out the ideal customer they would like to target

-Find out what do they like

-Find out what will make them stand out

Step 2

- Decide on the types of bags to use for the invitations
- why go paper instead of laminate or jute?

-weigh up pros and cons of the different bag types


Step 3

-Decide on the type of bag needed for occasion

- Tracey chose to go with paper bags because she felt design was best suited after conducting her research

- To Use the White paper carrier bags with twisted handles as a base to create her invitation designs


Step 4
Create the bespoke handmade designs on each bag utilizing both front and back of bags


A new range of bespoke wedding invitations that stand out from the rest!


Here’s what Tracey at Sunrise cards had to say about using their custom-made wedding invitation bags : 

“Because of your bags we have been able to offer a variety of different sizes to our customers which they have found very handy as they use them for various gifts at their weddings.“