Branded Laminated Paper Bags


Branded Laminated paper bags are extra special, and add a touch of class to your service. The bags are available in up to 6 sizes, and a wide range of colours. Laminated bags come in matt, and gloss, and a recycled option is also available. Why not give us a call and enquire about printing on luxury laminated bags.

Introducing the elegance of Branded Laminated Carrier Bags, also known as Boutique Bags, where sophistication and branding merge to create a lasting impression.

Choose from the following types including matt, gloss and brown kraft with rope handles. They are available in black, white, brown kraft, or a colour of your choice. The diverse selection ensures that your bags perfectly encapsulate your brand's personality.
These stylish yet practical bags are popular with retail shops, exhibitions, promotional events and corporate gifting.

Lead times

For screen printing, expect a lead time of 3 weeks. If you opt for automatic printing, the lead time is 4 weeks, contingent on artwork and size. For larger quantities, the automatic lead time extends to 10 to 12 weeks when sourced from the Far East.

Minimum order quantity

Whether you need a small batch or a larger order, our minimum order quantity for automatic print fully bespoke bags starts from 250 bags.

Detailed instructions on how to place your order and product specifications can be found on the individual product pages.

If you have any specific questions or would like more advice, then get in touch with one of our Packaging Consultants at 020-3002-9960. They’ll give you reliable advice about the replication of your logo to ensure that we never compromise on quality. If you are looking for quantities of 1000 or more, we can offer more bespoke sizes and competitive prices.