White Paper Carrier Bags with Twisted Handles


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One of our best selling carrier bags, a gorgeous ribbed white kraft paper carrier bag with twisted handles. These are strong bags ideal for many uses, a perfect alternative to plastic bags!
Currently our 54cm x 50cm + 14cm bags are a slightly off white colour

Please note that we may have duplicate sizes available due to stock from different suppliers, therefore there may be slight variations in the size and thickness of paper.

Please note that all sizes are approximate.
Image is for illustrative purposes only. If colour is important please ask for a sample.
  • Made from a strong ribbed kraft paper with twisted paper handles attached to the inside of the bags.
  • Ribbing on the paper adds to the feeling of quality
  • Dimensions: Width x Height + Side Gusset
  • All sizes are 100gsm except:
    44cm x 50cm + 14cm = 110gsm
    54cm x 50cm + 14cm = 120gsm
  • The 45cm x 48cm + 17cm is currently NOT ribbed.
  • Picture is for illustrative purposes only, if colour is important please ask for a sample
  • Colour : white , brown
  • Dimension : 23cmx32cm+10cm, 44cmx50cm+14cm, 18cmx25cm+8cm, 26cmx34cm+11cm, 45cmx49cm+15cm, 15cmx20cm+8cm, 54cmx50cm+14cm, 32cmx42cm+13cm
Most commonly used in gift stores, boutiques, clothing outlets and other retail stores for small items. Flat block bottom suited for boxes and other containers, the bags are suitable to hold up to 2-5 kilos in weight depending on the size.
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Our stock of Twist Handled Paper Bags are our most popular range of Paper Bags, we are able to overprint them with your chosen design.
  • A simple 1 colour print from as little as 600 bags.
  • If you require something a little more complex or require over 1000 bags, we can have the bags printed using a full printing press.
  • If you need a special size we can even have the bags hand made in Europe to your specification.

Simply fill in our Quote Request From or Call Us on 020-3002-9960 and we will get you a free No Obligation Quotation.